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golden shot

written and directed by
Sarah Scherer



"Show me that I´m worth an excellent lie."


A betrayed woman wants to get rid of her mistrust by setting up a paradox game of lies to rescue her relationship - not realizing that she will destroy more than she gains.

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Johanna Withalm | ELVIRA

Florian Graf | ALFONSO

Sarah Scherer | HER

Scharmien Zandi | WAITRESS

Matthias Jakisic | GUEST

Johannes Krisch | GUEST 






DoP: Benedict M. Heinzl
1st AC : Valentin Pritz
Gaffer: Philipp Rusch, Daniel Dajakaj
Grip: Martin Staudinger, Dominik Glatzl
BB: Christoph Bittenauer, Dyre Espana
Sound Department: Rainhard Lehninger
Sound Mix: Niki Neuspiel
Music by: Matthias Jakisic

written and directed by: Sarah Scherer


SHORT MOVIE | 10 min. | 2016 | Vienna | SILÉNE PRODUCTIONS


Elvira is put into an uncomfortable situation after her boyfriend cheated on her: either she gives in to the ever growing mistrust, or she confronts her demons. To avoid a hysteric downfall of her relationship, she proposes a sophisticated game. She demands an overdose of lies from her boyfriend: if he gets caught, it’s over. If he doesn’t, Elvira offers his acquittal. To provide fair play she joins under the same conditions. But as the game difficulty increases into even more distrust, control and paranoia, Elvira realizes that instead of avoiding the endgame, she just set it off. And if she wants to stop it, no lie and no illusion will help, if they don’t find a common ground.